Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mix and matchy

so the hardest thing about being late in the game with this whole blogging business is finding a name. no, scratch that, it's finding at name that is AVAILABLE. after many failed attempts at finding a name that was not taken i went to another blog and began to read comments. someone wrote, "i love how it's mix and matchy." "eh" i thought, "that could work."

and i think it does because a lot of what i want to blog about is what i like to tell mark, "oh you know, this and that." a little bit of creative exploration post-graduation and a little bit of personal meditation. because what is art if it's not shared? a whole heap of rubbish. it's like when someone said, "don't hide your light under a basket, let it shine for others to see it" ... and because it'll burn the damn basket! (that last bit was me)

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