Wednesday, May 26, 2010

what i'm working on

here's an idea to make eating at the kid's table cool. we're going the whole nine with foiled and glittered place mats, personalized settings with a pop-up name tag and labeled cups so the germy kids don't share drinks. check out the step-by-step on the mambi blog this friday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

designed by me!

you may remember my little 'movie' soft spoken that was my first product to be sold in michael's stores last year. i forgot to share that i have another one that is in stores now and is perfect for the graduation season. use the stickers on cards, atop gifts, as a gift tag, cupcake toppers, etc etc! you'll find it at jo-ann stores only.

one of my halloween paper designs got made too! you'll see this open stock paper also in jo-ann stores starting in late july. ;P tee hee i so proud.

now go and buy the entire stock!! haha

what i'm working on

sometimes work is work. sometimes work is fun. today work is fun. i'm putting together some projects for another mambi tutorial for our website using our small talk™ embellishments.

one use is for an easy scrapbook page layout title but i've also used them for a kid's chore board. place the board on a fridge and attach magnets behind our small talk pieces to show what chore each child is supposed to do. there are so many projects i have in store of this tutorial...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

double trouble

i went to baskin robbins last night with my friend randy. and if you know me and randy at all, these ice-cream cones pretty much sum up who we are. hilarious. thanks for the treat, friend.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

international house of dumplings

the tuesday crew this week feasted on some delectable dumplings from around the world. a friend of mind made homemade korean style mandoo (dumplings) that had a chinese flare to it. the filling was homemade and the dumplings themselves were handmade. wow, really delicious. everyone hailed it was restaurant quality. absolutely wonderful.

i made some filipino style empanadas. while empanadas could fall under the category of "pie" we thought it could also fall under the category of "dumpling." the filling is decidedly more tomato-y than a mexcian style empanada and i made them vegetarian to boot. no one even asked, "where's the beef?" what a great night of eating.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

treasures from china

i didn't not return from the orient empty-handed. i came back with a package of individually wrapped rice crackers. it holds 80 packs. it barely fit in my luggage.

i also came back with 3 rare pringles canisters. exotic oriental flavors such as seaweed, aromatic crispy chicken, and bbq steak. oddly, seaweed was tasty.

and a single bottle of the most vintage wine in china. aptly named, "great wall." we hesitated to open it for fear of ruining the tannins. we'll let it age a bit more. or maybe we'll sell it for a profit.

and here's a tip from the orient: don't use the word "oriental" with someone who's asian. unless, of course, you're a racist.

Monday, May 3, 2010

around the neighborhood

now that i'm back from my world travels i realize that i don't shoot as often as i should. i'm hoping to get some practice here too. here are some shots from around the block.

what KIND of stain?!

clorox2 wants you to lose the stains and keep the color....

based on the ad, however, i'm forced to ask myself what sort of stains clorox is expecting me to use their product on. blood stains after being in a terrible car accident? brain goo stains?! well, whatever terrible accident they're predicting i can rest assured that my blood stained clothes will keep their color.

why the car crash dummies?!!
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