Friday, August 13, 2010

the new hello kitty

So apparently there's a new bear in town. His name is Rilakkuma which is a mash up of the word "relax" in English and "kkuma" which is bear in Japanese. He's supposed to be the "new Hello Kitty." He's been around since 2003 but his popularity in mainstream US has been building (as opposed to just with the Asians). He's seem like a pretty chill-lax kinda guy but man oh man does he have merch on the web...I thought these buttons were cute. ^_^ (haha you know I just had to do the Asian emoticon for this post)


  1. i'm not sure this little man can top hello kitty and all her infinite awesome-ness! just sayin'.

  2. hahah i know, right?! i don't like all talk and no action. that's how i felt when i heard he was the 'new hello kitty.' i was like, 'says who? and where's the proof?' all i know is that i don't see his face on guitars or toaster ovens yet. ;D


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