Thursday, November 18, 2010

bruxie gourmet waffles....ya heard?!

Bruxie (gourmet waffle sandwiches) in Old Towne've gots to go.  Walk don't run.  The Monday crew was celebrating C's first sale as a real estate agent (on a Tuesday haha) and we headed to Bruxie's.  Our friend Nadia, who has a wonderful blog, has been slaving away with the two founding partner's of the store to get the place up and running. 

We tried 7 out of 8 of the savory sandwiches and 3 out of 6 of the sweet sandwiches...we were in heaven.  I only got pictures of the first round because once we started eating there was no time for pictures.  But if you want to see some killer shots check out the Bruxie website.  Here were the night's winners:

Top Savory
S voted -  bruxie burger
G voted - bacon, egg, cheese
A voted - smoked salmon
C voted - prosciutto & gruyere
Hannah - bacon, egg, cheese
honorable mention: mushrooms with goat cheese (not on the menu but is a special sometimes)

Top Sweet

S voted - nutella & bananas
G voted - s'mores
A voted - s'mores (nutella close second)
C voted - lemon cream and berries
Hannah voted - s'mores (nutella close second)

If you go you MUST have the waffle fries and the frozen custard for dessert (thanks for the tip, Nadia!).

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