Tuesday, December 28, 2010

he proposed...

and I said "Yes." 

The proposal was very sweet and a surprise!  It happened the day before Thanksgiving but I didn't want to post anything about this until I had a chance to let people know in person as much as possible.  But now Mark is wondering why I haven't posted anything about it a month later.  So here's the post because he wanted it.  We're thrilled to finally be getting married.  The ring is a peridot gem with diamonds on the side...sounds like something to eat for lunch!

Some people have asked me why it's not a diamond and the simple answer is because I didn't want a diamond.  The only way I would've considered a diamond if it were a conflict-free diamond or a CZ but it's nearly impossible to know if the stone is truly conflict-free even with the certification.   Anyway, I preferred color to a diamond anyway.  My favorite color is green and the peridot is the right shade of green.  It looks fresh, alive and it reminds me of new growth in spring that I hope our marriage will be for us. 

1 comment:

  1. This suits you! so pretty! :) congrats and can't wait to celebrate with you guys!!! <3


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