Monday, March 5, 2012

black bean quesadillas

Mark is doing "The Biggest Loser" at work and I'm always attempting to lose weight (though I never seem to want to work out) so last night I made some vegetarian black bean quesadillas for dinner. I followed a recipe from Budget Bytes, here, but I added some red bell pepper, scallions, and used one can of corn rather than just 1 cup to the mix. The recipe considers one quesadilla as a serving but Mark and I both had 2 with chips and salsa. ;P Haha, hey, we did good with the veggies maybe not so much with the portions. I froze the other 6 quesadillas, easy peezy. Personally, I didn't miss the meat in the recipe because it was tasty and hearty enough without it but when I asked Mark if he noticed, he said he did. Oh, my hubby and his love affair with meat.

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