Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cork board makeover

Here's a fun little project that I did in one day.  I made-over an old cork board that I've had for years and years. The poor thing was looking a little drab and the holes were becoming too noticeable so I thought I'd paint it to give it new life. Here's how I did it.

white and neon orange acrylic paint (I mixed the two to make the third color)
plastic container to hold paints
plastic bag or damp paper towel (to wrap brushes and palette when not in use to keep from drying out)
old newspapers
ruler, pencil
masking tape/painter's tape

1. First, paint the entire cork board and frame with white acrylic paint and let it dry.

2. Next use a pencil to mark off the measurements of how you want your board divided. I chose to divide the board three sections high and eight across but you can do whatever you'd like. As far as the colors go, follow the repeating pattern of 1, 2, 3 across each row. Assign a color to each number and follow the pattern. I chose to let 1 be the darker color, 2 the medium color, and 3 the background color (white). I pencil marked the measurements directly on the frame and on the masking tape so the pencil wouldn't show.  Just paint over the marks on the frame at the end to erase.  

3. Use masking tape to paint sections at a time. I taped off the top and bottom rows (leaving the middle row for last). Then, I taped off all the dark colors and painted them first and let it dry.  Then I did the same with the medium color. Paint several coats for an opaque look or keep it streaky like I did for more of a watercolor effect. 

4. Remove the masking tape after finishing the last row and you're done!


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