Monday, November 9, 2009


here are some more birthday cards that i've done for people at my work. we have a ton of november birthdays it's getting ridiculous.

it's always a good idea to take two different fields or seemingly different fields and see how they can mesh together. for example, taking a blanket-stitch found in sewing and applying it to a paper craft.

or taking the same embroidery thread and using it as a detail for a paper craft like the center of a paper flower.

this is always a fun experiment in other fields too and the possibilities are endless. what would happen if we were to combine music with painting, culinary and graphics, landscaping and architecture? some of the best examples of design and art has been the result of the mashing of two different fields. what interesting results could come out of combing whatever your field is with something else? this is where innovation and creativity comes alive.

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