Friday, January 15, 2010


i love the show 'lost.' the monday crew has been re-watching seasons 1-5 while waiting for the season premiere of the final season on feb. 2nd. it's been awesome. as stephen king wrote about the series, and i paraphrase, "the show has always been more than a moving island, it's about the characters."

sometimes the monday crew likes to talk about what we would need in order to survive on an island. you have to remain somewhat realistic about these kinds of daydreams. what would you pack if you knew you were going to crash? of course you might think, "i'd bring a huge knife and a gun with lots of bullets." but c'mon with airport security these days you'd never get on a plane packing that much heat. and even if you could put those in your check-in if you've seen the show you'll know that one possibility is that you may not be able to find your check-in luggage.

so what would you bring in your carry on? ahhh...that would be a hard list to make. here's my list:

1. rope, lots and lots of it
2. flint, thanks bear grylls
3. hiking shoes + socks!
4. water bottle
5. snacks, just to hold you over until you kill a wild boar
6. plastic sheeting, remember voyage of the mimi?
7. my glasses
8. extra set of clothes
9. travel pillow
10. sewing kit
11. jacket, it might get cold at night on the island
12. mirror, it could be used as a reflective signal
13. small blanket
14. of course all this would be in a backpack

i wonder what else i should bring...

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