Wednesday, February 10, 2010

happy birthday, charles

last saturday was charles' birthday. we surprised him with a homemade potluck dinner made by a group of his friends. i made homemade meatballs. meatballs are essentially miniature meatloaves so i used my meatloaf recipe and formed them using a mini ice-cream scoop. (i took a page from nadia's playbook with the first photo hee hee)

we decorated sam and grace's house for the occasion. of course mambi paper was utilized for the event. i was going for purple and gold but to some it looked like purple and orange. hahaha, oh well.

dinner was awesome! everyone did a wonderful job with their dishes and steve even had the meal paired with different wines. yumm! chuck had a great time as well, job well done guys!

happy birthday charles! many more to come, friend.

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