Tuesday, September 28, 2010

chi-town, day 1.5

When I go to Chicago, which is on average at least twice a year, I eat.  That's pretty much what Mark and I do.  On my first night in town a group of us trekked through horrific traffic to go in to the city to feast on old favorites.  First stop: to a mythical place called Dublin's.  THE best corned beef and cabbage...EVER.   Couple the meal with a pint or two of Guinness and it's golden.  This was the second time we've had the corned beef at Dublin's and we were a bit apprehensive about the experience.  Would it be the same?  Would it not live up to the memory of the first time?  Yes and yes! 
And as if eating all of that wasn't enough we stopped by Maxwell's on Union Street and I ordered their fish sandwich.  An oldie but a goodie - DEEElicious.  At Maxwell's (which is right next to Jim's where they have the best fries EVERRR) it's not enough to let the cheese naturally melt on the fish, no they must dip your slice of cheese in to the hot grease and lay it ever so carefully on your sandwich.

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