Friday, September 10, 2010

GMO : salmon

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GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, sometimes GEO for Genetically Engineered Organism.  Genetically modified foods aren't new.  Many fruits and veggies have been genetically engineered, you just don't know it.  However, the FDA has yet to decide whether genetically modified salmon will enter the marketplace.  This would be the first time a genetically modified animal would be available for human consumption.  This altered fish has been genetically changed in order to grow to market size twice as fast as a normal.  It's still too early to tell what the implications of eating genetically engineered food will be on human development; this includes the modified foods we are already consuming.  

A big concern is that as the consumer will not be informed that they will be purchasing a modified piece of fish.  It's our right to not only know where our food is from, how it was harvested, but also the genetic make-up of our food.  What's frightening is that the FDA does not independently do the testing on the salmon.  This lab testing and analysis is for the same company that is selling to the product to do.  Conflict of interest?  You bet.  It's scary stuff.  Read more, here.

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