Wednesday, November 23, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : vacuum


It's been two months since we moved to our cozy little apartment.  We only have carpet in our bedroom and because of the moving expenses we opted to wait to buy a vacu-um ("Enchanted," anyone?!) a little later.  But a little later ended up being two months later (I know, gross).  We actually might have waited longer if Mark's allergies hadn't gotten so bad LOL.   Mark has pretty bad allergies so we had to do some research to get a good one.  We ended up getting the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Pro.  It's a really easy to use vacuum and we were both impressed by it's suction power.  One con is that it's attachements need to be stored separately but so far that's the only bad thing.  We bought ours from Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% off coupon and paid about $160.


  1. Perfect timing! I've been researching vacuums...def. going to check out this Shark. Hope you guys have a lovely Thanksgiving! :)

  2. You too, Nina!

    You should check it out in person at BBB. I like how it's bagless (I've had too many bags explode on me) and the bare floor attachment. It's light weight but has really good suction but is relatively quiet for a vacuum, which is nice. :)


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