Tuesday, April 2, 2013

dukan : month 2

 Month 2 of doing the Dukan Diet had its ups and downs. I feel like we ate out more often in month 2 with friends. While my hubby and I didn't always cheat when we ate out there were a few times that we did. I didn't notice a huge increase on the scale after we would cheat but I didn't see huge change either. Hence, some weeks I lost nothing or only a pound. In order to combat the plateau I creased the amount of time walking from 30 min to 45-50 min for a few days per the book's recommendation. This seemed to help (see Week 3). As with last month the biggest battle with the scale was because of my menstrual cycle. I could literally feel my fingers begin to bloat with water retention while walking during the post-menstrual week.

Now it's April and I'm starting month 3 and I'm currently 5 pounds away from my half-way point. Mentally I've noticed that it's really easy for me to feel good about the 15 pounds that I've lost and not be as committed to losing the next 25 pounds. Even in the book Dukan warns against this. Even though I still crave carbs, the biggest struggle now is with my mind. I need to forget the last 2 months and pretend like today is Day 1 so I can push to reach my "true weight." So far I am very pleased with the Dukan Diet and for my body what I eat is 75% of the key to weight loss and weight gain. I never saw results like this when I would kill myself at the gym and still eat "healthy."

My two month breakdown:
Week 1: lost 3 pounds
Week 2, pre-menstural: lost 0 pounds
Week 3, menstrual: lost 5 pounds
Week 4, post-menstrual: lost 1 pound
Week 5: lost 0 pounds
Overall weight lost: 15 pounds and I am able to fit into my normal jeans.

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