Friday, April 12, 2013

washing the dog

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One of the "joys" of owning Eemoy, our Yorkie, is bath day. Every several months we get him professionally groomed for the big things, like hair and nail cutting, but the day to day washing is done at home. The water part is not so bad for Eemoy but the part he dreads is the hair dryer. He hates the blast of air in his face and ears and honestly I do feel bad for the guy but on the other hand I've got to dry him somehow! But suddenly the clouds parted and a lightening bolt of inspiration hit my brain: "Use the diffuser." Oh my goodness, of course! Here's what a diffuser looks like for those of you who don't know:

The diffuser is an attachment for hair dryers and if you bought yours recently chances are that yours came with one along with the narrow concentrator nozzle. If you've never used a diffuser before it diffuses the air out of the dryer so it feels more like a really hot day surrounding you indirectly rather than a tornado of air blasting at you directly. Using the diffuser seemed to be a much more pleasant experience for Eemoy but I did notice that the drying time took a tad bit longer. I will note that Eemoy's fur is very short and he is a very small dog so I'm not sure this idea would work for larger, long-haired dogs. :/

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