Friday, May 31, 2013

dukan : month 4

Ah month 4, how I hated you. Month 4 was all about plateaus and getting sick of eating-Dukan approved food. Those two things probably weren't mutually exclusive but a girl's gotta eat regular food once in a while! I think the weight is also having a harder time coming off since I'm getting closer to my target weigh.  Mark is definitely over this whole Dukan thing and honestly I am too except I'm still 14 pounds shy of my target. I don't know why but my target weight is a big deal to me. I think that's the tension for me now: I really want to reach my goal but my determination is fading as I've eaten Dukan food for 4 months now. Whenever we cheat it tastes so good but I always regret it when I look at the scale. I guess I should be thankful that I'm not gaining weight back but it's just as frustrating to not lose anything. When I started this journey my target date to reach my goal weight was the end of June. I don't think it's reasonable to think I will lose 14 pounds in a month but I think getting there by July is doable.

My month 4 breakdown:
Week 1 (only 3 days): 0 pounds lost
Week 2: 0 pounds lost
Week 3, pre-menstrual: 3 pounds lost
Week 4, menstrual: 0 pounds lost
Week 5, post-menstrual: 1 pound lost
Overall weight lost: 26 pounds. I'm able to fit in even older pants and some of the pants that I fit in last month look more baggy. Still trying to coerce more of the back fat to go away by doing weights with some progress but some old dresses still won't zip up all the way. :/


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