Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just around the corner

september is halfway done and fall is knocking at the door of some place other than california.

it's true, california doesn't really have a fall season so much as a really hot indian summer...which should actually be called native american summer...unless it was named after real indians from india.

anyway, here's a fun project i did at work.

meet frank!


  1. That's really cute! I know I'm a stalker. I just saw your scrapbook that you made Mark. Oh my gosh, so super cute! I didn't know Me and My Big Ideas made so much stuff!
    I heard you shipped stuff for!!!! Thank you so much! I can make some cards for you if you'd like. I'm sure you have professionals doing that though...

  2. hi janet! actually i'm a lame-o i have the paper at home but i need to bring it to work to ship. tomorrow, i promise!

    i'd love some cards! that would awesome. ms. etsy professional! ;D


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