Friday, September 4, 2009

smoothie bar, baby!

my boss recently got married and one of the wonderful things about getting married is having sex. LOL but one of the other good things are the presents!

one of her wedding gifts was an immersion blender and with it she's been making smoothies for breakfast. my parents had one that they received as a gift from years ago and this summer i had been using it a lot with my soups. she and i had the great idea of having a smoothie bar at work today for breakfast. i know, my job rocks.

this morning we got frozen fruits, yogurt, bananas, OJ + milk, and honey and lined up the ingredients starting with empty mason jars. her thing is to drink the smoothie in a mason jar or a jelly jar. and it's really a great idea because you can seal it and stick it in the fridge for later or take it to work without fear of spilling.

so everyone lined up with their empty jar and filled it up with yogurt and whatever fruits they liked. it was a really fun way to start the day and everyone got to have a healthy breakfast.

we suggested the "one part yogurt + 2 parts fruit + a splash of OJ/milk + a little honey if needed" recipe but no matter how it was combined it always came out delicious.

1 comment:

  1. Fun! My mom has a small blender for smoothie drinks and makes stuff like that all the time. She adds flax seeds and other stuff to make it even better for you. haha mmhhmmm!


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