Sunday, September 6, 2009

think local

where does the food we eat come from? does it come from our state? how about the west coast? does it even come from this country? how did it become that 'going to the market' become a face-less exercise?

when we buy clothes we can look at the label and read, "made in china" but it's not as easy with food. nowadays some grocery stores will put signs that say, 'grown locally' but what happens when the store doesn't display such a sign? how can we know where our food has come from or what conditions the workers are subjected to.

while i will appreciate the convenience of having tomatoes available in the winter time (though it is a summer fruit) it will be hard for me to imagine the amount of fossil fuel it will take to transport these ruby globes from the mysterious farm they're grown on to me. and it's even harder to imagine that some types of sushi-grade fish are caught off the east coast of US, shipped to Japan to be sold and then the remaining to be re-sold back to US vendors and stamped as 'imported from japan.'

if you live in orange county there is a farmer's market somewhere in our county on practically every single day of the week. our food in america is very inexpensive compared to the rest of the world but i wonder if we pay for it in other ways...

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