Tuesday, October 6, 2009

just another day at the office

today was a hard day. we had to drive to san clemente to have a bbq and find sea glass on the sand. i'm exhausted.

my job rocks, i won't lie. today was so awesome...our managers treated the art department to a day of fun in the sun and amazing food. our dept has been working really hard all summer and it's difficult to force creativity on the fly without times like this to recharge and have a little fun. renée encouraged us to spend time sketching but i couldn't help but walk up and down the shore. the beach was so beautiful....a perfect day.

we went to a beach house right along the shore of san clemente beach. it was crazy how close to the water it was. i found my first piece of sea glass and i also got soaked from the waist down during high tide. it's called that for good reason i discovered! i had to throw my pants in the dryer and walk around with a towel around my waist to cover my chonies (underwear) hahaha it was legendary.

life is a blessing and i'm grateful for days like this. i don't normally feel this way but today i love the beach.

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  1. I love the beach as well. I wish that was my day today. Instead I had 24 little snot filled hands touching me and trying to shove their papers all at once into my face. Sigh. Can't wait to be in Cali!!!


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