Saturday, October 31, 2009

i miss food

i've been hungry for the past four days. i mean, ravenous. i had two wisdom teeth pulled and one cavity filled on wednesday and i haven't been able to eat anything but smoothies, jello, and pudding. normally i enjoy a tasty smoothie, the occasional jello, and rarely pudding but having it day-in and day-out is just plain maddening.

makes me reflect on last weekend's tour de food. i knew my dentist visit was coming so i wanted to spend my birthday weekend eating all the foods i love.

first i had islands on the tuesday before my bday with my old co-workers. did you know that they have endless fries/onion rings just like red robin?? fantastic! it was a toss up between their china coast salad and their hula burger. not wanting to be offensively racist i went with the hula. mm, i love me a good burger. no pictures unfortunately.

on saturday i had lunch with my parents at my most favorite chinese food place called peking restaurant in westminster on westminster ave. and newland. we go here every year for my birthday. we had dumplings, beef noodle soup with homemade noodles, and some chinese veggie i have no idea what it's called. delish. no pictures again.

dinner was with one of my closest friends randy, whom i've known since 7th grade. we went to my favorite shabu shabu place called california shabu shabu in fountain valley (woot!) on brookhurst and garfield. great customer service and the best shabu i've had in OC. see above.

sunday was the U2 concert which was food for the soul. 'nuff said.

top it off with chili's on monday night with the monday crew and their two 3-course dinners for $20. whoa! blow-you-mind kind of a deal and of course i had CFS (chicken fried steak) which is killer at chili's. remembered we should've taken a picture while walking out.

sigh, so i'm starved and i'm realizing that i'm terrible at remembering to take pictures.

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