Friday, December 4, 2009

a faceless friend

by frank chimero (the state of illinois from his illustrative series called 'the states')

do you email a lot? have you ever taken an online class? do you regularly email people for work related things but have never actually met them?

i have a few such cases...people i need to regularly contact for supplies we always get from the same place or a regular service we require from the same person. i talk to these people a lot more often than some of my own family members and it's all done through email. it's kind of a strange thought to imagine that i could walk down the street...not even a busy street...and i could walk right by them without knowing it was them. i mean i talk to them all the time. i inquire about their holidays and they invite me to join them for dinner should i ever visit their area but i've never even seen them. true story, i was invited to dinner should i ever find my way to northern illinois. it's a strange thought.

what's worse: to have a relationship with someone via the internet but you'd never recognize face-to-face OR to never really 'see' someone but be in the same physical space?

we live in a very interesting moment in history, don't you think? for the first time we're able to connect with people all the time at any time but i wonder about the quality of that connection. take me for example...why do i even do this silly blog? and you, why do you read it? i'm not trying to vilify the internet and its impact to society but i just wonder if we think about it. definitely not a "why so serious?" kind of moment but do we take the time to consider what it's done for us and to us. like most things in life the best and the worst of something is divided by a knife's edge. but what is also true is that the worst part of being in a scam is not knowing you're in one.

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