Monday, December 7, 2009

weekend project + update

brr...mark would slap me silly for thinking it's cold in california but i must confess...i'm cold! to make matters worse my office is like a refrigerator.

wishing for warmer conditions i thought about making a diy heating pad. i remembered a friend way-back-when having a homemade heating pad filled with red bean ('patt' in korean). the monday crew was at arirang korean market for other reasons but i grabbed a bag of red bean to motivate me to action.

sunday i got to it. i made a template out of paper and traced it on to cute ikea fabric that i had already. LOVE ikea fabric. couple hours later i had a homemade microwavable heating pad filled with red bean. it's made to wrap around the waist like a belt. it has a velcro closure so it'll stay up heating the back or tummy. i gave it a whirl in the microwave and sure enough it came out toasty and warm!

"sniff...sniff...what's that smell?"
"oohhh, it smell like patt here!", says my mom.
"ohhhh no."

while i do love a toasty warm red bean pastry the smell of heated red bean can be a bit much for the office. so the while the heating pad is like a dream to have in my icebox for an office the sure-thing filling has become the problem. what could be a suitable replacement with little to no smell??

after many brainstorm sessions with the monday crew and with people at work the only viable solution is rock salt. i'm going to buy some tonight and test it out. will it retain enough heat? will be painful to wear? we shall find out.

***update: the rock salt seems to be the winner. it doesn't retain heat nearly as long as the beans but they're not stinky so i guess it's give and take on this one***

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