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unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : prop styling

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When I was planning my wedding I had a very VERY small budget.  Mostly because Mark and I were paying for the damn thing ourselves and because we really didn't want to spend a lot on one freaking day and we most certainly didn't want to be in debt because of it.  But being more sensible about the budget didn't mean that it couldn't look "pretty."  A memorable and beautiful wedding is personal and subjective.  Weddings (nowadays especially) no longer have to fit a mold.  A proper wedding doesn't have to include waiters, fine china, and lofty centerpieces unless you want it too.  It can be homey, simple, casual and anything in between!

Your wedding, whether you're a proletariat or bourgeois, will have a specific look and unless you're able to hire someone to be your prop stylist you'll probably have to do a lot of leg work yourself.  My first suggestion to find cool accent pieces (aka random crap on the tables to make things look cool) is Home Goods.  Home Goods is part of the TJ Maxx family but unlike TJ Maxx these stores do not sell clothes.  You'll find cool stuff from furniture, kitchenware, wall art, and everything in between.  New pieces are frequently being brought into the stores so go back often.

Some pieces that I got from Home Goods were some vintage style wire baskets and a few white wooden picture frames. The prices, I thought, were pretty reasonable and I found myself wishing I could afford more than the few pieces I got there.

pictured by Love and Lemonade

Of course you should also check second-hand stores like Goodwill for awesome finds but in my experience it's usually a shot in the dark if you're looking for something specific.  I went to Goodwill for inexpensive plates and glassware for displaying desserts and reception table centerpieces.  Ikea is also a best friend of mine for prop styling.  Be sure to check the "As Is" department for even more discounted pieces that might be slightly damaged or in complete.  I bought Ikea cabinet doors for $7 a pop to display our family and personal pictures at the wedding.

Another good idea is to talk to people who have recently gotten married.  They might have things you can borrow.  One couple who got married at our church before Mark and I did were nice enough to let us borrow their beautiful glass apothecary jars from their reception.  In fact they even lent them to another couple that got married after us too!  Last but not least, raid your parent's house.  They've been living longer than you so that means they have accumulated a lot more junk.  :)  Take advantage of random objects that your parents and relatives might have around their house.  Happy hunting!

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