Tuesday, September 13, 2011

we interrupt the regularly scheduled programming

...to bring you the following message: Mark and I are moving!  We'll be packing and boxing all week so forgive the pause in blogging.  We're really excited to move into a modest apt that we'll be able to make our own.  I'm packing and taping just like I did a couple months ago so it's just like old times for me.  See you guys in a bit!


  1. Congrats! Are you moving more into the city or around the same area? Hope you post pics ;)

  2. Thanks, Kristin! Augh, I've been packing all day. We're moving SE from where we were so we are still in the 'burbs but we're definitely closer to downtown which is cool. Haha, once the mayhem has settled I'll post pics! Hope you're enjoying your time off! :D


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