Thursday, October 6, 2011

taking a break

Fall has hit IL and it's wonderful.  The windows are open, the humidity is gone, the sun is still shining, and the leaves are starting to change colors.  This is my first time being in IL for the fall and I'm enjoying it.  

Unpacking has been more challenging than expected so on Mark's days off we've been trying to do fun apple-picking.  The last time I went apple-picking was in CA when I was just a kid.  I think it was a 2 hour car ride to Apple Valley and let me tell you it was no joy ride getting there but I remember having a good time picking the apples and eating as many as I could. 

For our apple-picking pleasure we went to the Jonamac Orchards in Malta, IL.  Fall as been a bit colder than usual so we were told that the apples weren't ripening as fast as usual so the pickings were slim.  We found more half-eaten apples on the ground than on the trees themselves.  But we had a good time nonetheless choosing our pickings and being outside together. 


We rewarded our hard work (check out that heavy bag...nay, BUSHEL of apples Mark had to carry) with apple donuts and an apple slushie.  Yummers!

Yes please and thank you!

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