Wednesday, October 19, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : blogs

I never really followed blogs of any kind until I started planning my wedding.  I'd only have a few websites that I would frequent but once I started planning for my wedding I knew I would wanted to check out wedding blogs regularly to help me plan for my "budget" wedding.  Now that I'm done with my wedding I find that I still following wedding blogs for inspiration for other things.

Bride Tide has published their Top 100 Wedding Blogs of 2011.  All the ones that I follow were on the list so I have nothing to add to it.  However I would like to suggest that on top of wedding blogs that brides-to-be also check out photographer's blogs.  And now would be the time to make a shameless plug for Love & Lemonade who shot my wedding.  Love you Nina!  :)

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