Monday, May 28, 2012

book review : the cookie dough lover's cookbook, part 1

Full disclosure, I received a free copy for Lindsay Landis' new book published by Quirk Books, "The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook" in order to do this review. You can purchase it here.

Man, it's hard to believe but this is my sixth book review for Quirk Books. Thank you, Eric at Quirk Books for letting do yet another fun review!

So the author of this book, Lindsay Landis, is the person behind Love & Olive Oil which is also a fabulous website to frequent. Landis is not only a food blogger but also a graphic designer so with that being said can I just say how much I appreciate the information organization of this book and the beautiful photography that Landis also did. Also being a graphic designer I can tell you that the simplicity of how all the text in the book is laid out does not mean that it was easy to do so. Simple ≠ Easy, let me tell you Mr. Man. 

The inspiration for the cookbook was a Cookie Dough Truffle recipe that has been and continues to be the most popular post on her food blog. And so, the foundation of the cookbook is an eggless raw cookie dough recipe that is safe to eat as-is without the fear of salmonella poisoning. Seeing how my sweet hubby is a HUGE fan of cookie dough I decided that the first thing I'd want to make was the basic Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe. Because c'mon, if the cookie dough recipe is no good then what's the point of making the other stuff, right? 

The cookie dough was very easy to make and I appreciated the different versions that Landis suggests as well.  Such as a Vegan/Dairy-Free version, Gingerbread version, or Gluten-Free version. I used a 1 oz. ice-cream scoop to help me portion out the cookie dough balls.  I decided to roll some of them in my hand to to leave others looking like tiny scoops of ice-cream with the rough edges. I thought the eggless cookie dough was pretty dang good. It was a tiny bit different from the real-deal but not enough for it to really matter.  And the real cookie dough fan in the house thought it was very good too! If you're a fan of cookie dough, I'd definitely suggest you check out this book!


  1. I love the little ice cream scoops of dough, so precious. :) Happy that you enjoyed the book!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lindsay! :D Mark and I are both enjoying the fruits of your labor haha


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