Tuesday, May 8, 2012

online love : blik

Ok, so there's Blick and there's Blik. Today we're talking about Blik. Wall decals galore! Some are originals, some are from famous designers, some are borrowed from Threadless. In fact, I own some of the shirts that are now made into wall decals. ;P

These wall decals are a very cool and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up an apartment that you don't want to take the trouble to paint only to have to paint back to beige when you move out. Or it's a great way to decorate rooms that have design expiration dates, such as kids' rooms, baby/wedding shower events, birthday celebrations, even wedding receptions. The decor you might have up when your kid is a newborn isn't necessarily the thing they'll want when they're school-aged. Or maybe you have the extra cash to make your best friend's bridal or baby shower extra spunky.  Or maybe you're a bride on a budget and have booked a blank slate for the wedding or the reception hall and could use all the help you could get to transform it from sterile to something special. 

Here are some decals that caught my eye:
(below, row 1) Night Owls, Skyrides

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