Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new sharpees

Am I the only one that hasn't seen these new Sharpie pens?? C'mon, if you're a student then the highlighter Sharpees are a must and if you are like me and can't resist buying Sharpees in all their forms then these new brush tip Sharpees are killer. The best of both fine point and ultra fine point worlds. but wait there's more, there are new Stained Sharpees that are fabric markers also with the brush tip. Perfect for summer projects for kids and adults. Although, I do fear for parents who may have these just laying around. I can just imagine kids trying to do painting projects at home on their own with these when their parents aren't looking. :\ Stock up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! If you're specifically looking for any of these sold individually then I'd definitely check your local art supply store (buy local!) but I also saw them individually at Target.

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