Sunday, August 30, 2009

now more than ever

my brother's family came home this weekend. they had a busy weekend of driving from SF down to fountain valley, to irvine, to glendale, to pasadena, to arcadia, back to fountain valley and back to SF tomorrow.

i hope my brother doesn't find this blog because he'd probably kill me for posting a picture of their son. for my sake i hope he never does....hahaha but my brother and his wife have a wonderful 3 year old son who i love and we have a great time together. i love playing with him and reading him stories and i'm always sad when he leaves to go home and i'm always excited to see him when he comes to visit. he's smart, funny, gentle, a good listener, and adorable.

some women having their nephew visit and having such a wonderful time would lead them to want a family of their own. and yet for me it leads me to the exact opposite. go figure. i think people who know that they want to have children and raise a loving and healthy family is an awesome thing. we definitely need more healthy families with loving parents who raise their children with love and respect. but it's just not for me.

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here's an easy project for 3 year olds. you can find at most larger craft stores plastic children's weaving needles in the knitting section. they're made of plastic and mine came in a pack of two. the needles are plastic but the tip is still pointy enough to hurt their eyes so this is definitely a project to do with 3+ year olds and under supervision.

you can find pony beads at the craft store as well and yarn. thread the yarn through the needle and thread a bead through first and knot the tail of the yarn around this first bead so the following beads don't fall off.

this simple craft that we've probably done a dozen times with kids is great for building small motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. while you're doing this project it's a great way to encourage color recognition and counting skills. if your child is more advanced you can try pattern recognition, eg. alternating colors and asking which color should go next.

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