Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 dates of christmas .... i'm still alive

Ok, seriously, don't get sick this winter.  Whatever the heck is going around is nasty.  2 weeks of being sick (and sick over the holidays mind you) has been just horrible and gross.  Do whatever you can my friends to avoid the bug.  What has helped me somewhat is Mucinex DM (I got the Target brand one).

So the last two weeks have been a blur and I don't think I can remember all the stuff that has happened however here's what I do remember:

Date #4: Take our makeshift Christmas card picture and have lunch.

Date #5: Have dinner and coffee with Mark's old roommate (group date haha).

Date #6: Decorate Christmas stockings together.

Date #7: Watch Nacho Libre again on Christmas day to start a family tradition and go out for a sushi dinner.

Date #8: Drive to WI for my old co-worker's wedding and have lunch at the Milwaukee Public Market (fried cheese curds are divine).

Date #9: Have a sushi dinner in WI (the fish was not bad!) and watch the Laker game together.


  1. Awww yay! So happy for Rachel! Glad you are feeling better. I started coming down with something on Christmas...first sore throat, then fever, runny nose, and now losing my voice...awesome! Every day it's something different. Thank you for sending me photos of the wedding, I enjoyed seeing them! Happy New Year to you and Mark!

  2. Yup, what you got sounds really familiar. My voice sounds like a frog right now too. I'm so happy for Rachel too. She was just glowing at the wedding. I'm sad that "The Green Room" at MAMBI lost another roomie though. :( Just you and Becca now....

  3. I know :( I'm so sad too. It's going to be so quiet...not like it wasn't quiet before, now just crickets-quiet. Boo.

  4. What a cute picture ... and what a beautiful bride!

  5. she really was beautiful and just glowing that night.


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