Wednesday, December 14, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : christmas traditions

Mark and I were talking about it recently but this will be one of the few Christmases that we've ever spent together even during our dating career.  Of course it's extra special that it our first as hubby and wifey.  We'll be spending the Christmas season apart from our parents (although we'll be spending some time with his aunt and uncle and their family) and it got me thinking about starting our own Christmas traditions.  I think we kind of talked about this before we got married.  Like, who's parents would we have to go to on Christmas Day or on Christmas Eve (That's a tip right there.  Figure that stuff out BEFORE the Christmas season.  Unknown expectations from the family are a bitch!) but I don't remember that we talked about starting our own traditions.

I guess our first tradition was getting a tree.  Neither of our parents put a tree anymore so I suppose it'll be a tradition for us now.  I stumbled upon the idea on this blog, here, who got it from this blog, here, who got it from this blog, here.  The idea is "12 Dates of Christmas" when you intentionally spend time together during the Christmas season.  One of the bloggers and her husband each secretly wrote dates and put them in envelopes to be opened and done on different days and it seems like the other bloggers just intentionally did things together during the month.

I think this is a great idea for people who are married, who are dating, and who are single.  For instance, if I were single I'd go on 12 "dates" with different friends to catch up with during December.  That would be a lot of fun.  I like how some of the dates that the bloggers go on are simple like: decorate the tree and listen to Christmas music, or see Christmas lights, or do some Christmas shopping together.  I think the key here is being intentional during this season to connect with people and show them you love them because that's what the first Christmas was all about.

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