Monday, April 23, 2012

juice cleanse, the finale

So the weekend before day 15 of our juice cleanse (Monday, 4/23), Mark and I treated ourselves to a healthy but substantial meal. We went to Prasino in La Grange, IL. I will testify that my sweet hubby who once would dream of eating mountains of meat all day everyday has changed because of this juice cleanse. He himself said that his tastebuds have changed and that he's doesn't crave mountains of meat like he used. Thank the Lord, I really didn't think that would be a healthy lifestyle for him. Not only does he not crave the gobs of steak but he also said that he is able to taste food better now and that he's now a convert to healthy eating. Whoa, behold the power of juice. This was great news to me because honestly I couldn't last much longer eating the way that we were because of his never-ending meat cravings (hence the weight gain for me).

So, anyway, back to Prasino ... wow, can I just say that we fell in love with this place?! It was a beautiful restaurant to be sure but the tables and chairs were made from salvaged wood and the hanging lights were made out of recycled cardboard (perfect nod to Earth Day). I was sold on this place based on these facts alone before I even ate a bite of food. Check it out, what a great idea:

Prasino means "green" in Greek and so they try to take this philosophy all the way from the menu to the decor. I'm a fan. Another nice touch was that the vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options were clearly marked on the menu. We started off the meal with Lobster stuffed Avocado (pictured first below) with mango salsa and chili beurre fondue. It was really fresh and delicious. The sauce was killer. For our entrees, Mark had the Ancho Braised Lamb Shank (pictured second below) and I had the Bay Scallop Fettucini (pictured last below). Both entrees were DE-lish and I don't even like lamb. Mmm, the fettucini was perfectly al dente and the sauce was do die for. Mark kept dipping his bread into my sauce. We will definitely be coming back to Prasino for great food and great service and to top it off it's located in downtown La Grange which is so cute on its own.

So in conclusion, I'm so glad that Mark and I have done this juice cleanse. Even though we're at the 15 day mark I think we're going to continue juicing and eating better. Now if I could just get myself to exercise more ...

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