Thursday, April 19, 2012

juice cleanse, part 3

Day 6–11, 4/14-4/19: At this point the days are pretty much the same. I will say that we've noticed that the "cleansing" is often triggered by the fruit juice rather than the veggie juice. Haha, over the weekend I had to restock all the fruits and veggies ... I got a lot of funny looks from people. Imagine me with 30 apples and 20 pears and bagging all the kale they had at the market. The cashier was very interested if I was having a party of some kind. I tell her no, I wasn't. But man if I was that would be a pretty sucky party food.

Now that I've been juicing for 11 days I've got my juicing system down packed. One tip that I'd like to share is to always line your waste chute with a plastic bag. Our Breville juicer suggested this and I always do it because it makes clean up so much easier. Also, when I prep all my fruits and veggies I leave all the peels in the sink. After I'm done juicing I detach the waste chute from the juicer and then put all the peels that were left in the sink in the plastic bag along with the fibery remains of what I've juiced. This way everything neatly thrown away and your trashcan will thank you for it.

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