Wednesday, April 4, 2012

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : shop sweet lulu

This is just a little taste of the glory, guys.  Check out SO MUCH more at Shop Sweet Lulu for the cutest little details for any party, event, or wedding. Need glass milk bottles? Check! Need cute favor bags? Check! Need those perfectly round balloons? Check! Need cute cupcake liners? Check! Need adorable food containers? Check! Augh, if only I had money!

(top to bottom)
Polka Dot Candy Cups - $4 for 20 cups (single color) or 18 cups (rainbow mix)
Dotty Gable Boxes - $1.75 each
Bright Stripes Ice Cream Spoons - $8 for a pack of 20
Chevron Favor Bags - $5.50 for 20 bags (single color)
FarmStand Milk Bottles - $30 for 12 bottles


  1. Looks like Shop Sweet Lulu is going to get half my paycheck for Scarlett's first birthday. Yes I know, she's only six months old.

  2. Haha, seriously, I would totally spend gobs of money there if I could! I CAN'T believe that Scarlett is already 6 months old!!


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