Thursday, January 31, 2013


Lately I've been getting frequent calls from random states (ie Florida, Tennessee, Virgina). I usually don't answer but sometimes they leave messages. Often times the messages are recorded messages which I delete but recently they've been actual people leaving messages that concerned me.

One of the callers came at least twice a week claiming to be from a debt collection agency trying to pursue collecting a debt from me (904-733-3033). The other was a person claiming to be from my mobile service provider trying to collect on charges that hadn't been paid yet (888-315-0912). The hubby Googled the numbers and it turned out that other people had posted similar stories saying they were both scams.

What was most disturbing to me was that someone had called my mother-in-law regarding the debt collection trying to get information from her. Luckily, she is a very smart woman and ignored the call. After that little incident I warned my folks about such calls too. The other scam is scary too because I think a lot of people might not question a unpaid charge and go along with the scam.

I think this goes without saying but if you get a call from a random number from a weird state then I would recommend to always ignore the number. If you repeatedly get a call from them and they leave messages that seem concerning then I would Google the number and see who owns that number or if other people have had strange experiences too. The next step would be to block these numbers if they become a nuisance. 

Be careful! Scammers are working everyday!

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