Tuesday, July 19, 2011

book review: on a stick!

Full disclosure I received a free copy of Matt Armendariz's new book published by Quirk Books, "On A Stick!" in order to do this review.  You can purchase it here.

On A Stick is a collection of recipes of food on a stick (duh) that would be perfect for your next party or just dinner.  Food on a stick or skewer makes eating fun and portable.  Some of the best appetizers and carnival foods are on sticks and in fact some of my favorite foods are on sticks.  I do love me a good corn dog.  The ones at Disneyland are AWESOME but I digress....

This beautifully photographed book is divided up in to two sections: savory and sweet foods on a stick.  Some of the recipes are for old standbys (like the corn dog) but others are unexpected like pizza on a stick or s'mores on a stick.  While some of the recipes are informative a lot of the recipes can be described better as inventive on an old idea.  As in, it's not completely original to have a recipe for frozen bananas covered with chocolate and peanuts (everyone together now: on a stick!) but how about a frozen Elvis banana by adding chopped bacon on the outside too?  Skewered melons isn't a new concept but how about mojito melon skewers?

I'd recommend this book if you love to throw parties and need a little creative nudge for new appetizer ideas.  It would also serve as a good gift for food or food photography enthusiasts as Matt Armendariz is one of the most notable food photographers today.  

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