Thursday, July 14, 2011

double chocolate cranberry biscotti

Last Christmas my gift to my former co-workers at Me and My Big Ideas was homemade biscotti.  One batch yields at least 30 pieces so it's a great idea and cost effective for group ideas.  It's really easy to make and for me I've found that it's more consistent from batch to batch than most cookie recipes.

For my biscotti I adapted a recipe from, here.  I swapped walnuts for cranberries (walnuts are...bleh, am I right?!) and omitted the confectioners' sugar.  C'mon, DOUBLE chocolate biscotti, is the extra powdered really necessary?!  Haha I guess for some the answer would be YES.  For me I'd rather taste the chocolate flavor with the cranberries than be overwhelmed with the taste of sugar.

I made this batch for a friend's birthday here in IL who roasts his own coffee beans!  Whoa.  It's actually really tasty stuff.  Biscotti is a tasty treat that usually goes dipped in coffee but it's not too shabby with a cold glass of milk too!

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