Monday, February 20, 2012

poor man's fish tacos

Fill this post under: "Desperate."

There are some foods/dishes here in IL that are delicious and cannot be found in CA (I'm comparing IL suburbs to CA suburbs).  HOWEVER, a vast greater amount of foods/dishes that are equally delicious cannot be found in IL no matter how much you look.  One such food is a simple fish taco. I'm talking about a Wahoo's or a Rubio's fish taco (I prefer Rubio's) that you don't think twice about if you live in CA until you move away but is found basically any city in Orange County, CA.

Tonight we had the poor man's fish taco.  A warmed corn tortilla with a bed of shredded cabbage, two microwaved frozen fish sticks topped with Mexican crema, pico de gallo, and lime juice. The fish sticks we used are from Costco called "The Ultimate Fish Stick" made by Trident Seafood (they're actually pretty good).


  1. Hahaha we eat those all the time from Costco and make tacos out of them. It's fast and easy :) PS–Have you ever been to El Taco Nazo in OC? I know they have a few locations, the one I usually go to is in La Habra. THE best fish tacos ever. And cheap too.

  2. I have not but I definitely want to check it out! Yelp says that there is one in Anaheim but the website doesn't list it. Maybe it's brand new? I realize though that when I go to Mexican food places like that I get distracted by the pork and beef that I never think to choose fish but El Taco Nazo seems to be really well known for their fish tacos and features it as such. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh Anaheim would be nice! I have had their shrimp tacos too. yum. they serve these charred peppers with them too...soooo good!

  4. Yeah, it's hard to say if the Anaheim one is real because it doesn't have any Yelp reviews yet. I can't wait to try it. My friend Charles lives next to the La Habra one and he said he really likes it too. How have I not heard before?!


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