Tuesday, February 28, 2012

salmon sandwich

I made another batch of Albert's Baked Salmon last week and I just had a bitty piece left. It wasn't substantial enough on its own so I decided to make it into a sandwich or samich as Mark and I like to call it. I think sandwiches are one of my favorite foods. But one thing I hate hate hate is a dry sandwich. I always need some kind of spread (it's usually mayo ... I know it's totally bad for you but I can't live without it!) and today I went with hummus on my toasted roll (ok, fine ... hummus and mayo). Word to the wise, put your protein on the bottom half of your sandwich and not the leafy stuff otherwise you'll have a slip and slide situation on your hands. If you're not going to be seeing anyone for the rest of your day then add a handful of green onions to add a little umph! Now, that's what I call lunch, yum!

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