Wednesday, August 5, 2009

chinese scallion pancakes

i adore dumplings...fried, steamed, boiled, chinese, korean, whatever. i think if you were to tear out my heart from my chest cavity it would be in the shape of a "waang mandoo" or king dumpling. just had one for dinner, so good. i could eat at least 5 of this big boys.

my absolute favorite chinese restaurant serves a wide variety of chinese dumplings and one of the ones they offer is a scallion rolled pancake that is one of my favorite things to eat. my parents and i always eat it on my birthday.

this recipe is nothing like that.

hahaha, but it was good nonetheless. i followed the directions from this website.

koreans have a sweet pastry called, "whoot dduk" i dunno know what that means but it's a savory dough filled with sugar that is then fried to cook the dough and melt the sugar to make syrupy goodness in the center. using the same dough as the scallion pancakes i filled the centers with raw sugar and rolled them into little balls.

for both types they tasted best when they were freshly made. augh, i could go for some dumplings right now. *stomach growl*

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