Thursday, August 20, 2009

hot dog!

last time i visited mark in chicago a group of us went to hot doug's. amazing special hot dogs and fries fried in duck fat. what place does that?! it was wonderful though...check out their special menu.

oh sweet food of the gods.

ever since then in the back of my mind i've been craving a good hot dog. i really like chicago dogs...celery salt, pickle, sport peppers....delicious.

this monday 'the monday crew' went to PCH, pacific coast hot dogs. i'd have to say the hype on yelp didn't measure up but it was fun to eat a hot dog in perfect southern california weather.

i had a chili dog and a chicago dog. chi-town won out on chili. i have to say it wasn't a true chicago dog. every time i've had a chicago dog in chicago their peppers are different than what places here use. some places call them sport peppers but no place/market i've looked sell them. it's bizarre.


  1. I think I saw Hot Doug's on No Reservations! They also have a hot dog with foie gras right?? So many places I want to eat at!!

    That's a really cute picture of you by the way. =D

  2. yess the do have a hot dog with foie gras. they don't always have it and they didn't when i was there but they have it right now. oh man so good.

    thanks for the compliment hahaha :D


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