Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hannah's tip: free places to visit

when i was attending the art institute of california sometimes we would have field trips. my last year of school i had a lot of them. some trips were lame for sure but some were actually very surprising cool.

on one such field trip we visited the irvine museum. that's right, irvine has a museum! i was really surprised. now, to be honest it's very very small but the exhibit they had when i was there was very nice. parking and admission is free.

the exhibits change every four months and it's the only museum in california dedicated to the preservation and display of California Impressionism or Plein-Air paintings, an art style that flourished in California from 1890 to 1930.

on another trip i went to the cerritos public library. another, "what the heck!" kind of moment. i was really impressed by the library in general but i was floored at how much art and special collections the library has.

the children's section has an enormous aquarium that houses heaps of fish and a live shark! they have a caretaker for the fish and he's outfitted in scuba gear and feeds the shark so he won't eat the other fish in the tank. haha

also in the children's section is a replica of a t-rex. it's actually really cool to see. throughout the entire library there are several pieces of art from different important periods. it was really awesome. it's also on the way to mr. lee's $10 all-you-can-eat-bbq and most times when mark and i pass it i make some kind of comment about how the cerritos library is the best. he always scoffs.

there are some cool places around us


  1. is that tristan? he looks like ash ketchum.

  2. lol! yea that's tristan. looking back on some of my other pictures he was in a lot of them hahaha


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