Saturday, August 8, 2009

chocolate-marbled banana bread

they used to call me "hannah banana."

bananas are truly a delight. frozen, fresh, fried, with ice-cream, in a smoothie, in a PB sandwich. they're quite versatile and go well with several big players. one of these great pairings is CHOCOLATE.

now, i maybe a girl (yes, i admit it.) but i've never had a love affair with chocolate. dunno why. and in fact, i know more GUYS who love chocolate than girls. go figure (literally and figuratively). having said that, i really enjoyed the ribbon of chocolate to break the monotony of plain banana bread.

i followed a recipe on a food blog that i check every morning at work. i made one minor adjustment, i used a muffin tin instead of a loaf pan. why? because i don't have a loaf pan. duh. each banana muffin was given a heap of chocolate which was swirled in and luckily i got to lick the spoon. near the end i ran out of the plain batter but no matter, the last few were topped off with the chocolate batter.

it was my first time making banana bread and it really was a snap to make. mmm, it was so good i had to stop myself from eating more than one muffin. if they last the weekend i'll definitely take one for breakfast during the week. unfortunately my father is one of those guys who love chocolate so i might be in for a disappointment.

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