Monday, August 10, 2009


working at a scrapbook company has its perks and soon the perks become a curse. i have paper coming out of my ears! stacks and stacks of free paper and some purchased and waiting to be made into scrapbook pages, cards, etc.

and if that wasn't enough, my friend introduced me to a company that makes awesome acrylic stamps and inks. so heaps of money later i am fully equipped to stamp and scrap myself to the afterlife. so that was 4 months ago and nothing to show for it. i didn't even use my stamps until this week.

hahaha, but i do have something to show for it now. handmade cards galore. i think i'll give them as gifts, 5 cards at a time. i'm also showing some scrapbook pages i've done this week. i think all graphic designers should scrapbook. honestly. it's really good practice trying to come up with new layouts in a 12x12" square.

1 comment:

  1. Are those scrapbook pages you're making for Mark? Haha cute!


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