Friday, January 20, 2012

oxtail soup

2012 has started off kind of germy.  Both Mark and I have had the flu at some point in January.  I decided to make oxtail soup as a comfort food remedy for the two of us.  Oxtail soup is common in most Asian cultures and it is a favorite among Koreans and Filipinos.  Although it's done with some differences the basic recipe is the same.  The simplified version is: grab a big pot, add oxtails, bones, water, and boil.  However, truth be told that making this soup is a very long process and it will infuse the house (for better or worse) with the aroma of the soup.  Since I'm Korean I opted to try the Korean style.

This is actually my first time making oxtail soup.  Traditionally the broth of the Korean version is supposed to be a milky white color but at my house it has never been this way.  The taste is just fine but the color was always amber.  In an effort to try to get the milky white result I looked to good ol' Google to lead the way.  I tried following a recipe I found online, here, however as you can see I did not achieve the milky white color.  Ok, I admit that I didn't follow it to the letter.  Of course there are many different ways to make the same dish and I suspected that the milky look is achieved through the boiling process and so I turned to my friend Sandy's mom, the Korean food guru, for advice.  She suggested that next time I boil the bones only on medium heat for an hour and then on low for a full day.  Only after the cloudy broth develops should you add the oxtail meat.

The look might be off but the taste was yummy so Mark and I were happy campers.  Next time I will try it her way and report results.

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