Wednesday, January 25, 2012

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : what to register for

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Luckily winter has been rather mild this year in IL and boy am I grateful.  However, I know that not all years will be like this one and in preparation for frigid nights and long winter months we registered for a heated mattress pad with  But I think even if we had stayed in CA I still would have registered for this bad boy for those cold desert nights in the winter.  Yes, it's not as cold has IL but thinly insulated homes and mostly non-double paned windows in CA make for a cold cold sleep (I've had to sleep in a sleeping bag before in CA...I know, I'm such a wimp).  Some of the features I was looking for was a heated mattress pad that had two controls and one that was not like the electric blankets of old where you basically only feel the heat from the thick, hard wire mechanisms woven back and forth in the thin scratchy blanket.  No, sir.  I wanted the luxurious feel of heat without the hard wires.  We registered for the Soft Heat Warming Mattress Pad and Mark's wonderful cousin got it for us.   This is a mattress pad and not an electric blanket so it covers your mattress and the fitted sheet goes over the pad.  Dual controls allow each half of the bed to be at different temperatures (which is a must with a guy and a girl) and the 'soft heat' comes for ultra thin wires that make the whole mattress feel evenly heated.  I've turned on the heat so far when I've been sick, when my 'special friend' has visited me, and of course when it's been chilly at night.  We've been pretty happy with it!


  1. i didn't even know those existed! i have an electric blanket but a heated mattress pad ... wowzers, even better!

  2. Yeah! I think being heated from underneath is better than on top with a blanket too. I feel like more of the heat gets trapped that way.


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