Saturday, January 7, 2012

weekend gardening

Well, we don't have a yard and it's too late to have flower pots on the balcony because of the weather.  And even though we've been enjoying 'warmer' winter temperatures it's a far cry from the 80 degrees right now back in CA.  So I only have two small house plants inside that I'm trying to keep alive until they can go outside on our balcony.  I tried to grow a basil plant from Trader Joe's but it died.  Apparently it dies on most people.  Hopefully in spring I'll be able to buy a dwarf citrus tree that we can keep inside and outside.  It'll be great to have the fruit available for cooking too.  It's a little depressing to be dreaming of spring so early in the winter season.  :/  I guess that's another reason why I wanted to have plants, to have something green and alive inside while everything is dormant outside in the winter.

I repotted the plants out of the plastic containers they came in.  Loosened the roots a bit and repotted using potting soil in a larger pot with a drain hole at the bottom.  Taking care to fill any air holes in the pot, I made sure to keep the soil line at the same level of the roots as how they came originally.  I gave it one good watering then placed the plant where it's care instructions suggested.  Every week or so I rotate the plants to that all sides will get sun and I won't have a leaning plant towards the window.  I also try not to over water the plant (which is so tempting sometimes) and follow the watering instructions that the plant came with.  Since these plants are around more for decorative leaves than for their flowers I like to pick off the flowering parts in the beginning to let the plant use all it's energy to produce more leaves.

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