Wednesday, January 4, 2012

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : magazine inspiration

A wedding is basically a big party with a big budget and hopefully a once-in-a-life occurrence.  However, the crazy party planning that happens for a wedding can be reined in for the more frequent get-togethers that happen in our lives.  Birthday parties, girls' nights, poker night, themed events, showers, holidays, etc.  Sometimes we need a little inspiration and while there's definitely a lot out there on the internet I always really enjoy the good ol' magazine too.  

There's a new magazine called Mingle: Creative Ideas for Unique Gatherings.  It seems to be seasonally released (as in only 4 releases a year) because the one I looked through at Barnes and Noble said "Autumn 2011."  Some events in the magazine are too extravagant for my taste and budget but they're fun to look at and get ideas for small things like decor and party favors.  Next time you're at Barnes check it out!

Here are some pages from inside the magazine via their web page:

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